Innovative birdhouse design & testing. Because baby birds often die if direct sun causes indoor temperatures to reach 105F., vent holes and shade are essential on hot sunny days. Absent shade from trees or other structures, house walls can be shaded by a generous roof overhang and a spacer panel on the west wall.  

Testing bird feeds & innovative feeders.  

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Native plants, these at Mt. Cuba Center. 

Editorial Services & Enthusiams

Bear, deer & other wildlife.

I welcome opportunities to develop and edit manuscripts through electronic page design. On staff and as freelancer, I developed and edited more than 100 books on nature, gardening, and home how-to. Most featured hundreds of photos and drawings, as implied by book covers here. Photos at bottom suggest more recent enthusiasms. 

May 99–recent: Freelance Editor for Creative Homeowner, Taunton Books, and Typhoon Publishing, as well as for authors I represented as agent. 

Jun 88–Aug 96: Editorial Director, Grolier Book Clubs 
and Grolier Enterprises. Developed yearbooks and card continuities for kids and adults on nature, wildlife, cooking, and U.S. history.

AS WRITER: Google provides some pertinent references, as well as a photo of a fierce-looking young guy who apparently shares my name. 
    Adult books: Deer-Resistant Landscaping, Plus Strategies 
for Outwitting 20 Other Garden Mammals
(Rodale Books); Heating Your Home with Wood (Popular Science Book Club); Chainsaw Savvy (Popular Science/Morgan & Morgan); How to Drive to Prevent Accidents (Popular Science/Harper & Row).
    Articles:  American Forests, Backyard Solutions, Camping Journal, Consumer's Research, Family Handyman, Harrowsmith Country Life, Homeowner How-to,  Mother Earth News, Outdoor Life, Popular Science, Small Gardens, Smart Homeowner, Travel, and the Lowe’s online how-to section.

CHILDREN'S BOOKS: Christmas at Our House (writer/producer); More Than Just a Flower Garden and More Than Just a Vegetable Garden (concept developer & book producer); Panda: A Guide Horse for Ann (photographer for author-friend Rosanna Hansen).

Have photographed hundreds of Funny Faces in Nature & dozens of Funny Road Signs.

Finding publisher for son Nikolai Soderstrom's two fantasy mss., set in a world much like Medieval Europe. He's come a long way since drinking from a goatskin.