​​​​​​​​​​Here are three with links to photo galleries. Expanded concepts with tables of contents are available by return email. Brainstorming welcome: nsoderstrom@me.com

​​Better Birdhouses, Feeders, Squirrel Guards & Baths. If these structures are poorly designed, poorly placed, or poorly maintained, they can kill birds, make them vulnerable to predators, or simply fail to attract birds. I'll show many examples of good design principles that apply whether you buy these structures or make your own, before showing how to make them. I'll also display a wide range of commercial predator guards, along with a low-cost easily crafted guard of my own design, which I've tested on squirrels and raccoons (verified in photos).

    Over the past decade, I’ve built a variety of wooden and vinyl birdhouses that have fledged hundreds of bluebirds, chickadees, house wrens, and tree swallows. All houses were based on North American Bluebird Society designs for songbirds of various sizes and on principles recommended by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Early ms. has been vetted by Cornell & NABS experts.

  Birdhouse sample photos: http://neilsoderstrom.zenfolio.com/birdhousesavvy

   Most of my bird feeders are naturalistic, ideal for photography that appears to have been shot in nature.


Funny (Accidental) Faces in Nature. Each photo features a rock, a cloud, a shadow, a tree trunk, a stone wall, or a snow formation with uncanny resemblance to the visage of a person, animal, or monster emerging like an apparition. Each face is presented as it occurred in nature--no Photoshop trickery––and is accompanied by a humorous comment in the imagined voice of that particular personality. I've spent years searching for and photographing such faces––about 900 so far. Faces in my archive could also give you many 12-month calendars. Suggested book trim size: 6x6" or 8x8". Photo samples:


Doing Firewood. This would be an authoritative, yet entertaining and visually compelling, trip into the world of doing firewood, whether first felling your own trees or having some or all wood delivered as logs or split wood. On delivered wood, I'll address honest vs. dishonest vendors––getting a full cord, recognizing seasoned wood, and so on. Photo samples:


Book Concepts

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Designs for wooden & vinyl houses. Optional bits for door. Naturalistic feeders. Homemade bird baths.