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Birdhouse Savvy. If a birdhouse is poorly designed, poorly placed, or poorly maintained, it can kill birds or fail to attract them. This article will explain house design principles that apply whether you buy birdhouses or make your own. Over the past decade, I’ve built a variety of birdhouses that fledged hundreds of bluebirds, chickadees, house wrens, and tree swallows. All houses were based on North American Bluebird Society designs for songbirds of various sizes and on principles recommended by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. All will have a low-cost predator guard of my design mounted below them. 2500-word ms. complete, vetted by Cornell & NABS experts.   http://neilsoderstrom.zenfolio.com/birdhousesavvy


   •Creating Bird Feeders. Most will be naturalistic, ideal for photos that appear to have been shot in nature. All will have predator guards of my own design and testing. http://neilsoderstrom.zenfolio.com/naturalisticbirdfeeders

   Deer-resistance Strategies. Dozens of concepts, also for other mammals; could send you a copy of my book for brainstorming.


  •Funny(Accidental) Faces in Nature. Each photo features a rock, a cloud, a shadow, a tree trunk, a stone wall, or a snow formation with uncanny resemblance to the visage of a person, animal, or monster emerging like an apparition. Each face is presented as it occurred in nature--no Photoshop trickery––and is accompanied by a humorous comment in the imagined voice of that particular personality. I've spent years searching for and photographing such faces––about 900 so far. Faces in my archive could also give you many years of 12-month calendars. http://neilsoderstrom.zenfolio.com/facesinnatureandaroundhome


  •Funny Road Signs. This article will inspire parents and kids to notice signs, as well as other features in the passing landscape. Captions will be humorous takes on each  photo. http://neilsoderstrom.zenfolio.com/funnyroadsigns


  •Unintended Uses for Everyday Things. Repurposing has endless options:



Yardwork Electrified. Battery- and AC-powered means of elminating noisy, noxious gas engines from yardwork, whether for mowing, woodcutting, wood splitting, wood chipping, hedge shearing, string trimming, tree pruning, leaf blowing, snow blowing, tilling, cement mixing. Powerful new 36-volt lithium batteries drive professional-quality chainsaws, snow blowers, leaf blowers, hedge shears, and string trimmers by respected makers such as Stihl, Husqvarna, and others. On some of above tools, I've tested and written on assignment for Consumers Research and Mother Earth News. And I'm likely to test all soon with manufacturer cooperation.


  •DoingFirewood. Many concept options suggested by these photos: http://neilsoderstrom.zenfolio.com/doingfirewood


  •Essential Yard & Garden Skills.  Many concept options, such as “Planting Trees & Shrubs."


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Article Concepts

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