Below, Emily Dickinson's newly restored bedroom with facsimile wallpaper and writing desk ©Neil Soderstrom & Emily Dickinson Museum. Emily loved birds and what they represented to her: "Hope" is the thing with feathers –/That perches in the soul –...."  (Poem F314) 

Neil Soderstrom

Writer/Editor & Photographer

​​Author/photographer of countless magazine and newspaper articles as well as three books, including Deer-Resistant Landscaping: Proven Advice for Outwitting Deer & 20 Other Pesky Mammals (Rodale); Chainsaw Savvy; and Heating Your Home with Wood. Book and magazine publishers have licensed more than 3,000 of my photos.
    Career sequence: College English instructor, magazine editor, book editor, editorial director—freelancing all the while as writer, photographer, and book producer/author agent.

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Gardening, Birds & Other Backyard Wildlife, Home How-to, the Emily Dickinson Museum & Environs, Interesting People, Budget Travel (Have Tent, Will Travel!)

Article Concepts  (text & all photos)

    •Birdhouse Savvy. If a birdhouse is poorly designed, poorly placed, or poorly maintained, it can kill birds or fail to attract them. This article will explain house design principles that apply whether you buy birdhouses or make your own. 
    •Creating Bird Feeders. Most will be naturalistic, ideal for photography that appears to have been shot in nature. 
   •Deer-resistance Strategies. Dozens of concepts, also for other mammals. I'd be glad to send you a copy of my book for brainstorming.
   •Unintended Uses for Everyday Things (repurposing has endless options) 
   •Yardwork Electrified
   •Doing Firewood. Many article options. 
   •Essential Yard & Garden Skills. Many article options.

Book Concepts (text & most photos)

   •Better Birdhouses, Feeders & Baths
   •Funny (Accidental) Faces in Nature
   •Doing Firewood

Emily Dickinson Concepts (for book & articles; will provide text and most photos)

Editorial Services & Enthusiasms
    Editing, Writing & Photography